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VSN Nepal‘s proficient tutors adopt a student-focused methodology. The tutoring sessions are conducted in a comfortable, amiable, and stress-free setting, catering to both private and group courses. The learners have the flexibility to choose the location and schedule that suits them best. VSN Nepal provides its own comprehensive course materials and modules, empowering learners to achieve their short- or long-term objectives. With VSN Nepal, learners can rest assured that they will gain increased confidence in the new language within a matter of days.

The Basic Course accommodates a class size of two to three individuals. Within this course, every learner is afforded an equal chance to learn and engage in practice. Should anyone possess a unique learning preference or encounter difficulties, we are prepared to offer personalized classes. Furthermore, supplementary sessions can be organized for those who prefer a more gradual learning pace.

Host Families, fellow learners and volunteers

VSN Nepal adopts a student-centered methodology for classroom instruction. Its objective is to enhance learners’ communication skills. The curriculum is delivered in both English and Nepali, encompassing the four essential language skills: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. The program strikes a harmonious balance between communicative activities, structured practice, and grammar. By immersing learners in authentic dialogues and real-life scenarios from the very beginning, our approach ensures that classes remain engaging and enjoyable.

The introductory Nepali Course serves as the primary textbook for the foundational course. The curriculum is designed to adapt to individual requirements, aiding each learner in achieving their maximum potential in language acquisition.

Fees for Language Courses

For one person VSN Nepal offers a fee of 15 euro per 2 hour class and a 50 euro administration fee.

For two or more persons VSN Nepal offers a fee of 10 euro per 2 hour class and a 50 euro administration fee per person.

  • Personalized learning with experienced instructors.
  • Flexible scheduling options to fit your needs
  • Unique cultural workshops and immersion excursions.
  • Language partnerships for one-on-one practice.
  • Certification of proficiency upon completion.
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