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teaching volunteering program

Teaching Internship

If you are currently pursuing an undergraduate or master’s degree and have an interest in teaching, participating in an internship can provide you with valuable insights into the classroom environment. This internship program is particularly suitable for recent high school graduates who are seeking a gap-year experience, as well as individuals already enrolled in environmental […]

Occupational Therapy Volunteering

Occupational Therapy Volunteering

The Occupational Therapy Volunteering Program at the Center for Children with Intellectual Disabilities in Nepal offers a unique opportunity for volunteers to make a meaningful impact in the lives of children with intellectual disabilities. This program aims to provide specialized care, support, and therapy to children with various intellectual challenges while also promoting their overall development and well-being. Location The Occupational Therapy […]

Social work internship in Nepal

Social Work Internship

Volunteer Society Nepal (VSN) provides opportunities for individuals to engage in social work internships in Nepal. By interning in Nepal, participants can gain valuable insights into the diverse challenges that social workers face in the country and the strategies they employ to address them. Social Work Interns will have the chance to immerse themselves in […]

Public Health Internship Program in Nepal

Public Health Internship

Volunteer Society Nepal (VSN) has an exciting Public Health internship and volunteer opportunities available for undergraduate and graduate students. This position will complement education with experience to best prepare candidates for the professional public health world awaiting them upon graduation. As a volunteer or intern in Nepal, you’ll gain real-life experience and also contribute to the health and […]

Physiotherapy Internship in Nepal

Physiotherapy Internship

Volunteer Society Nepal (VSN) offers physiotherapy Volunteering/ Internship program in Nepal. There is a real shortage of skilled physical therapists in Nepal. If you’re currently training with at least one year of experience, recently qualified, or on a career break, you’ll provide valuable treatment to babies, children, and adults with a wide range of physical problems. […]

Physical education internship program in nepal

Physical Education Project

The main emphasis of the Physical Education Project is to get as many children and teenagers involved as possible. Offering sporting activities in this way helps youth become fitter and healthier, as well as gain a sense of belonging to a team with a common goal. This in turn has positive benefits for the wider […]

Nursing volunteering program in Nepal

Nursing Internship in Nepal

If you are interested in pursuing a career in nursing, gaining practical experience is essential to kickstart your journey. Our nursing Internship program in Nepal offers a unique opportunity to take you behind the scenes of a real hospital in Nepal, allowing you to truly understand what it means to work on the front line […]

Medical Elective / Health Internship in Nepal

Medical Elective/ Health Internship

Interning in Nepal on a medical elective / medical internship in Nepal with Volunteer Society Nepal (VSN) is an excellent way to become involved in some of the poorest medical institutions in the developing world. As a medical intern in Nepal, you will have the opportunity to observe the medical work in a variety of departments. Most Medical Elective […]

Health Care Volunteer and Internship Program

Healthcare Program

Volunteer Society Nepal (VSN) is playing an active role in linking rural Nepali people with experienced medical and health personnel from both Nepal and around the world. The Volunteer Society Nepal (VSN)’s Healthcare Volunteering Program in Nepal mobilizes volunteers experienced in medical and health areas, to rural places where the government is unable to provide a […]