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Nepali Language: Origins, History and Interesting Facts

Nepali, the official language of Nepal, is widely spoken in various regions including India and Bhutan. With approximately 28 million speakers, it is considered one of the most prevalent Indo-Aryan languages globally. Furthermore, Nepali is recognized as one of the 22 scheduled languages in India as per the Indian constitution. Additionally, it holds official language […]

Nepali language classes in Nepal

Bridging Borders and Healing Hearts: Volunteer Society Nepal (VSN)’s Cross-Cultural Training for Biomedical Engineers

In the heart of the Himalayas, where breathtaking landscapes meet the warmth of Nepali culture, Volunteer Society Nepal (VSN), a renowned tour and trekking company, embarked on a remarkable journey in the first week of July. This journey was not about conquering peaks or exploring the hidden gems of Nepal; it was about bridging borders […]

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Nepali Language Classes with Experienced Nepali Language Instructor

Language holds immense significance in Nepal, serving as a means to establish one’s identity and express cultural values. Nepali, in particular, acts as a unifying force, bringing together the diverse population of Nepal regardless of their ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Furthermore, Nepali serves as the primary language for education, administration, and media within the country. […]