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Nepali language classes in Nepal

Summer Group Program: Volunteer and Tour

For all the volunteers coming this Summer: Join our discounted Summer Group Tour and Volunteer Program. With this program, you will experience the perfect mix of exploring Nepal plus volunteering! Explore the city of Kathmandu, the lake and the mountain town of Pokhara. Go on a Jeep Safari in the Chitwan jungles. And then give back […]

Learn Basic Nepali Language

One Week Introduction Program

Discover the opportunity to master the Nepali language at the esteemed Volunteer Society Nepal (VSN) Language and Culture School! Learning a new language is a valuable skill that can be acquired at any age, contrary to what some people may believe. There is no need to wish for youth or exceptional language learning abilities. Instead, […]

Volunteer in Nepal to empower of women in Nepal

Women’s Education and Empowerment

In Nepal, the prevalence of violence against women remains alarmingly high. Extensive research conducted in Nepal has revealed that a staggering 66 percent of women have experienced verbal abuse, while 33 percent have endured emotional abuse. Shockingly, 77 percent of these acts of violence were perpetrated by family members (UNICEF 2001). Historically, the status of […]

Under 18 High School Group Volunteering Program

Under 18 High School Group

Nepal, a land of unparalleled natural beauty and rich cultural heritage, offers a unique and transformative experience for under 18 students interested in volunteer work and cultural immersion. These programs are designed to provide young participants with the opportunity to make a positive impact on local communities, learn about a different culture, and foster personal […]

Students Educational Excursion Group

University Group Volunteering Program

Are you looking for a meaningful and adventurous way to spend your university break? Imagine a break from your academic routine that not only rejuvenates your spirit but also leaves a lasting impact on the world. Our University Group Volunteering Program with Tour in Nepal is your answer to a break like no other. Join […]

Volunteer in Centre for Disabilities Special Education

Centre for Disabilities Special Education

Center for Children with Disabilities (CCD) Volunteer Society Nepal (VSN )has established a center for physically and intellectually disabled children. The Center for Children with Disabilities is located in Kathmandu and has 20 children at present. These children have intellectual and developmental disabilities. They were previously ignored and neglected and have now been receiving special […]

Teacher Training volunteering program in Nepal

Teacher Training Program

Volunteer Society Nepal (VSN) offers the opportunity for qualified teachers and education experts to come to Nepal and train the school staff in more advanced methods. Teacher Training can be done through general teaching skills coaching for all school staff, or if you have subject-specific expertise this can also be used more directly within a department. Teaching methods […]

Pre-medical volunteering program

Pre-medical Volunteer in Nepal

Volunteer Society Nepal offers Pre-medical Volunteers in Nepal. This program provides students with three main opportunities: to help those less fortunate, to Learn first-hand knowledge about the medical field, and to discover the amazing diversity of Nepal. If you are in college, studying biology, chemistry, or any of the sciences, and are considering a career in medicine […]

Group volunteering program

Group Volunteering

Are you a college student group, a school student group, a group of university students, or a group of friends and colleagues looking for a rewarding experience? Look no further! Volunteer Society Nepal (VSN) offers group volunteering opportunities in Nepal that are tailored to meet the needs and interests of your group. Key Features: Tailored […]

Gap Year Volunteering in Nepal

Gap Year Volunteer

Volunteer Society Nepal (VSN) offers a remarkable insight into a land of beautiful mountains, ancient traditions, and secrets of enlightenment along. For the real explorer, Nepal is the perfect gap year volunteering destination, with its spectacular Himalayan peaks alluring adventurers for centuries! As a gap year volunteer in Nepal, you will contribute to long-term projects […]