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Travel with a purpose: Bhaktapur Durbar Square

Travel With A Purpose: Joscelyn, Lisa, Liv, Desiree, and Isis Discover the Heart of Nepal

Nepal, the land of snow-capped peaks and ancient mysteries, beckons not just with its breathtaking landscapes, but also with the warmth of its people and the promise of meaningful connections. So, when Joscelyn, accompanied by her students Lisa and Liv from Gymnasium Camphusianum School in the Netherlands, embarked on a 10-day “travel with a purpose” […]

Learn Nepali Language in Nepal

Discover the opportunity to master the Nepali language at the esteemed Volunteer Society Nepal (VSN) Language and Culture School!

Learning a new language is a valuable skill that can be acquired at any age, contrary to what some people may believe. There is no need to wish for youth or exceptional language learning abilities. Instead, take the opportunity to give it a try without making any excuses. With your dedication and the guidance of […]

Gap Year Volunteering in Nepal

Summer Volunteering Program -2024

Nepal is a country of immense beauty and diversity, encompassing the majestic peaks of the Himalayas and the sprawling plains of the Terai. Its people embrace a rich tapestry of cultures, with over 70 languages and numerous traditional festivals celebrated throughout the year. The nation takes great pride in its unique and historically significant background. […]

Family volunteering in Nepal

Our friends highly recommended Volunteer Society Nepal (VSN) to us when we began planning our volunteer trip

Chiara03 September 2023 6:49It was a wonderful experience, it changed my life. Thanks to (VSN Nepal) team for hosting and helping me. I will never forget her and recommend her to everyone! 0 0Pietro02 September 2023 23:53Great experience and Very good organization. (VSN Nepal) team were Very friendly and all was good. 0 0Lydia20 August […]

Best Volunteer Programs in Nepal for 2024

Uncover the Best Volunteer Programs in Nepal for 2024

Introduction Are you itching to make a difference while immersing yourself in a culture rich with color, tradition, and breathtaking landscapes? If so, Nepal is calling your name for 2024! Volunteer Society Nepal, a pioneer in connecting compassionate souls with meaningful volunteer opportunities, is thrilled to present our most recommended volunteer programs for the coming […]

Teaching English at the School volunteering program in Nepal

Namaste from Nepal: An Unforgettable Journey Through Mountains, Culture, and Kindness

Stepping off the plane after nearly a month in Nepal, a pang of sadness tugged at our hearts. This friendly country, with its towering mountains, fascinating culture, and delicious cuisine, had left an indelible mark. Before arriving, we, like many others, harbored some safety concerns fueled by media reports. However, those fears quickly vanished upon […]

Learn Nepali Language in Nepal

Unlocking the Heart of Nepal: Volunteer Society Nepal’s Nepali Language and Cross-Culture Training

Nepal, nestled in the lap of the Himalayas, is a land of diverse cultures, breathtaking landscapes, and warm-hearted people. It’s a destination that beckons adventurers, researchers, volunteers, and development associates from around the world. While the natural beauty is a major draw, truly immersing oneself in Nepal’s tapestry requires more than just a visit. It […]