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Medical Elective Internship Program

Medical Elective Internship Program

Meet John Burns: A Passionate Pre-Med Student Joins Volunteer Society Nepal!

We’re excited to welcome John Burns, a dedicated pre-med student from the USA, to our 3-week Medical Elective Internship Program! John, currently studying in New York, brings a wealth of experience from his volunteer work in ambulances, medical labs, and as a patient advocate.

Driven by a desire to broaden his medical horizons, John chose Nepal for this internship. He’s eager to experience healthcare in a new environment and gain valuable insights into a different medical system.

John’s internship journey began with shadowing our local doctors. These initial days allowed him to observe medical procedures and gain a deeper understanding of Nepal’s healthcare landscape. Now, feeling more familiar with the environment, John is ready to take the next step! He’ll be assisting the local doctor under their guidance, putting his knowledge and skills into practice.

John’s enthusiasm for medicine and his commitment to learning are truly inspiring. We’re confident that this internship will be a rewarding experience for both John and the team at Volunteer Society Nepal.

If you, like John, are a passionate pre-med student seeking to make a real difference in the lives of others, consider joining our Medical Elective Internship Program! Witnessing healthcare firsthand in a developing nation like Nepal will not only broaden your medical knowledge but also provide a unique opportunity to contribute to underserved communities.

Ready to embark on your own transformative medical journey? Visit our website at https://www.volunteersocietynepal.org/medical-care/ or contact us at contact@volunteersocietynepal.org to learn more about our Medical Elective Programs.

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