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programme de volontariat dans un monastère au Népal

Volunteering in Remote Village in Nepal, From New York to Salleri, by Catherine & Cayetana

My daughter, Cayetana and I had always dreamed of making a difference in the world. When we discovered the opportunity to volunteer in Nepal, Salleri, a remote village in Nepal Solukhumbu region, we knew it was our chance.

Nestled at the foothills of the majestic Himalayas, Salleri welcomed us with its breathtaking beauty and the warm smiles of its people. We couldn’t wait to immerse ourselves in the local community.

Teaching in monastery in nepal

Our primary focus was teaching English to young monks at the local monastery. Their enthusiasm was inspiring, and we loved using games and activities to make learning fun. We learned so much from them about their lives and Buddhist traditions, lessons in mindfulness and compassion. The monks’ dedication to their practice, their focus in daily routines, and their kindness taught us the value of being present and serving others. These lessons left a lasting impression, inspiring us to embrace compassion in our own lives.

Catherine & Cayetana: From New York to Salleri – Volunteering in Nepal Remote Village

We also had opportunity to worked with the local village school, a simple building with few resources but a wealth of eager students. Holding classes on women’s health and empowerment, it was incredibly rewarding to see the girls blossom with newfound knowledge and confidence

Nepal beauty and the kindness of its people touched our hearts deeply. We shared meals with Nepali host families, explored ancient temples, and learned about their vibrant culture in himalayas.

Catherine & Cayetana: From New York to Salleri – Volunteering in Nepal Remote Village

This experience wouldn’t have been possible without Volunteer Society Nepal. Their local knowledge ensured a perfect placement, and their dedication to the community helped us make a meaningful impact

This journey taught us the true meaning of compassion, the power of connection, and how volunteering can change your perspective on the world. If you’re searching for a meaningful volunteer experience, we highly recommend Nepal and organizations like Volunteer Society Nepal who make a difference.

Life of volunteer with nepali family
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