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Teaching English at the School volunteering program in Nepal

Namaste from Nepal: An Unforgettable Journey Through Mountains, Culture, and Kindness

Stepping off the plane after nearly a month in Nepal, a pang of sadness tugged at our hearts. This friendly country, with its towering mountains, fascinating culture, and delicious cuisine, had left an indelible mark. Before arriving, we, like many others, harbored some safety concerns fueled by media reports. However, those fears quickly vanished upon reaching Kathmandu. Every encounter we had was steeped in genuine warmth and helpfulness. Locals never hesitated to offer directions, answer questions, or simply share a smile. It was a beautiful reminder that human connection can transcend any stereotype.

Our first week was a whirlwind of cultural immersion. We volunteered with Volunteer Society Nepal (VSN), an organization that connects volunteers with meaningful projects. Through them, we taught English at a local school, learned basic Nepali, explored Kathmandu’s vibrant Durbar Square, and gained valuable insights into the caste system. Living with a local family provided an invaluable window into Nepali life, allowing us to connect with children and experience daily routines firsthand. We met passionate volunteers from across the globe, each contributing their unique skills and leaving a positive impact. If you’re looking for a rewarding volunteer experience, VSN is a fantastic resource (www.vsnnepal.org).

But no trip to Nepal is complete without a glimpse of the majestic Himalayas. The excitement soared as we boarded the small plane to Lukla, the gateway to our 13-day Everest Base Camp trek. The landing, perched on a cliff edge with a concrete wall at the end, was an adrenaline rush unlike any other!

The trek itself was a symphony of nature’s wonders. We followed a well-planned route, ensuring proper acclimatization as we ascended from 2,800m to our highest point of 5,575m. We retraced the steps of Everest climbers, passing through the colorful Namche Bazaar and witnessing the awe-inspiring sight of Everest’s peak shrouded in swirling jetstreams. A highlight was Tengboche, where we witnessed a mesmerizing ceremony at the Buddhist monastery. The head lama’s close encounter with the ceremony fire added a touch of unexpected drama!

Higher up, nestled amidst breathtaking scenery, we were surprised to find the Italian Pyramid, a geological research center. Its location, overlooking the Pumori peak, offered stunning views and a unique glimpse into scientific endeavors in these harsh conditions.

As we approached Gorak Shep, the vast Khumbu glacier stretched before us, its endless crevasses and immense moraine a testament to nature’s power. From there, a short climb to Kala Patar rewarded us with panoramic views of Everest, Base Camp, Nuptse, and Pumori. We stood amidst memorials to climbers who lost their lives, a poignant reminder of the respect needed for these demanding mountains.

The descent back to Lukla, while seemingly endless, offered its own rewards. We crossed paths with many eager trekkers heading up, marking the start of the busy season.

Nepal wasn’t just a scenic adventure; it was a feast for the senses. We devoured momos, savored the comforting warmth of dal bhat, and even discovered the best miso soup we’ve ever tasted in a hidden Japanese restaurant in Kathmandu! This unexpected mix of cultures perfectly encapsulates the spirit of Nepal.

Leaving Nepal was bittersweet, but the memories we carry are priceless. This journey through mountains, culture, and kindness has left us humbled, inspired, and yearning to return one day. Thank you, Nepal, for the unforgettable experience!