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VSN Nepal offers numerous volunteer options and your program can be tailor-made to suit your interests

Volunteer Society Nepal (VSN) is an amazing NGO that deeply cares about its volunteers and the Nepali people that they serve to assist. They offer numerous volunteer options and your program can be tailor-made to suit your interests. Regardless of your selection, your involvement in any of these volunteer options provide a valuable service to the communities they aim to help.

I chose to volunteer as an English teacher and I was impressed with the receptiveness and eagerness of the students, who offered endless smiles and laughter. On my last day of teaching, the school held a farewell ceremony in which I was treated to numerous tokens of gratitude from the student and the school. These are just a couple examples from a list of experiences that lead me to believe that I have received much more than I could ever give to the people of Nepal.

An advantage of volunteering with VSN Nepal is their language training that thoroughly prepares you for your active participation in Nepali culture. This training works to enrich your interactions and exchanges with the Nepalese people, creating unforgettable cultural experiences.
Having a Masters in Anthropology, I was very impressed with the emphasis that VSN Nepal places on cultural exchange. My trip to Nepal was rich with culture. Volunteers are privy to a number of cultural festivals and even intimate ceremonies such as weddings. With volunteers from around the world, you are given an opportunity to learn from both the friendly Nepali as well as from the other volunteers you encounter. For instance, although Canadian, I celebrated my first American Thanksgiving here in Nepal with the other volunteers and many Nepali friends in an enjoyable cultural exchange.

Another one of the cultural highlights from my volunteer experience was my family stay in Sunakothi, a quaint and beautiful village in Kathmandu Valley. This stay provided me with the opportunity to gain familiarity with village life and the agricultural activities that sustain it. My host family welcomed me as an additional “chhori” (or daughter) and their hospitality was endless. I especially enjoyed the food and the opportunity to offer my assistance working in the field with my Nepali “ama” (or mother). The close family relations that are central to life in the village will leave a lasting impression on me. I describe my stay at both VSN Nepal and with my Nepali family as a home away from home and I plan in anticipation my next visit..

-Allison Dobek, Canada