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Why Volunteer Society Nepal (VSN)?

Volunteer Society Nepal (VSN) is a company based in Nepal, run by Nepalis, with the aim of providing you with an unforgettable and meaningful experience. We ensure that your efforts result in the greatest benefit for Nepal and its communities, leading to long-lasting and sustainable transformation.

Come join us in our mission to enhance the conditions in Nepal, all while immersing yourself in the vibrant culture, breathtaking natural beauty, and daily life of our remarkable country!

Our Mission

Volunteer Society Nepal (VSN) was founded with the vision that courageous and generous volunteers from various backgrounds can come together to create genuine, sustainable change for Nepali communities. We invite and encourage international volunteers to help improve the situation in Nepal. This is done by being accommodating to our volunteers’ needs and keeping costs at a minimum.

Why Volunteer Society Nepal (VSN)?

Nepal possesses an awe-inspiring beauty and remarkable diversity, encompassing the renowned Himalayan peaks and the sprawling low-lying regions of the Terai. The Nepali population also nurtures an abundance of cultural variety, with more than 70 languages or dialects and numerous traditional festivals observed throughout the year. The country can rightfully take pride in its distinctive and immensely prosperous cultural and historical heritage.

Nepal, despite being an under-developed nation with low literacy rates, high poverty levels, and a persistent gender imbalance, stands out as one of the most captivating and culturally vibrant countries worldwide. It boasts remarkable features such as Mount Everest, the birthplace of Lord Buddha, and a breathtakingly diverse landscape that encompasses the renowned Himalayan peaks and the Terai’s low-lying regions. The Nepali people, just as diverse as their geography, speak over 70 languages or dialects and enthusiastically celebrate numerous traditional festivals throughout the year. Unfortunately, the government often struggles to provide adequate education and healthcare facilities across the country, leaving both urban and rural areas devoid of essential resources necessary for community growth and development.

2% of the population live below the poverty line on less than $240 a year

42% of the population of Nepal are unemployed

51% illiteracy rate throughout Nepal

2.5 doctors are available for each 100,000 inhabitants

54% of Nepali children are malnourished

About Volunteer Society Nepal (VSN)

Volunteer Society Nepal (VSN) endeavors to address the challenges of illiteracy, poverty, and gender inequality by partnering with local institutions and organizations in Nepali communities, with a commitment to fostering sustainable progress. Volunteer Society Nepal (VSN) manages a range of projects in construction, healthcare, environment, education, and income generation in economically marginalized areas of Nepal. These projects create avenues for both national and international volunteers to participate in Nepal’s development. To ensure volunteers are well-prepared, Volunteer Society Nepal (VSN) organizes cultural exchange programs, Nepali language and cultural classes, and homestay experiences in Nepal.

Volunteer Society Nepal (VSN)

Authentic organization

Volunteer Society Nepal (VSN) is a company based in Nepal, run by Nepali individuals, with the aim of providing a truly memorable and impactful experience. Our priority is to ensure that the work you do benefits Nepal and its communities to the fullest extent, leading to long-lasting and sustainable transformation. Volunteer Society Nepal was established with the vision that dedicated volunteers from diverse backgrounds can collaborate to create real, lasting change for communities in Nepal. We welcome and urge volunteers from around the world to contribute to the betterment of Nepal. This is achieved by accommodating the needs of our volunteers and maintaining affordable costs.

Most affordable fee

Volunteer Society Nepal (VSN) is a Nepali organization so we offer placements that are highly affordable and designed for youth students to adult professionals. As we are a local organization that means we know our country better and this allows us to reduce overheads, yet still provide fantastic service equal to the high cost international agencies.

We solely focus on Nepal and its projects. With no international offices, all funds are directed towards Nepal. Our volunteering opportunities in Nepal are not only cost-effective but also cater to a wide range of individuals, from young students to adult professionals. Being a local organization, we possess an in-depth understanding of our country. Despite having minimal administrative expenses, we provide exceptional services that are on par with those offered by expensive international agencies.

Friendly & warm welcome

At Volunteer Society Nepal (VSN), we understand that arriving to work in a foreign country can be an anxiety-inducing experience. That’s why we go above and beyond to offer a warm and comprehensive welcome. Our in-depth welcome package includes meeting you at Kathmandu airport, providing basic Nepali language training, cultural training, and organizing visits to historically significant places in Kathmandu and its surroundings. This is what you can expect from the moment you step foot in Tribhuvan Intl. Airport. Additionally, our volunteers have the opportunity to participate in a village/home stay program, allowing them to immerse themselves in the richness of rural life in their host country. After undergoing intensive language training, cultural experiences, and familiarizing themselves with the local customs, religion, and way of life, our volunteers will be fully prepared to embark on their personalized projects. From the day of arrival until the day of departure, we prioritize the safety, meaningfulness, and overall satisfaction of our volunteers. We ensure that all volunteers are well-prepared before they begin their work, providing orientations, Nepali language training, cultural education, work practices, and guided sightseeing tours.

Flexibility of the Programs

Our internship and volunteering initiatives in Nepal are designed to be adaptable, allowing our volunteers to utilize their skills and efforts in a manner that maximizes the benefits for both themselves and the local communities they serve. Apart from the projects mentioned on our website, we also provide opportunities in various other fields upon the specific request of our volunteers. Moreover, we are delighted to personalize longer stays by incorporating multiple projects.

Provided full support by our team.

Volunteers will be given full support by our team of Volunteer Society Nepal (VSN). Our experienced dedicated professional staff are available to you for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to support you at your placement to make a worthwhile difference during your program. Our staff are trained in placement to follow best practice procedures, including monitoring, security, and emergency procedures. The office acts as a point of contact with our staff and a general meeting point for volunteers. Our staff organizes the details of our placements and accommodation according to strict criteria and high standards. They are there to assist with any concerns, problems, advice, and general administration that may arise during your time away. They are available during the day at the office and directly contactable 24 hours a day by phone.

Variety and Choice

Volunteer Society Nepal (VSN) not only offers the volunteering and Internship programsummer programvolunteer and Travel but also most popular and wide range of  charity Trek, Tour, hiking, jungle safari, bunji jumping, rafting, and various excursion programs with customized price.