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Family volunteering in Nepal

Our friends highly recommended Volunteer Society Nepal (VSN) to us when we began planning our volunteer trip

03 September 2023 6:49
It was a wonderful experience, it changed my life. Thanks to (VSN Nepal) team for hosting and helping me. I will never forget her and recommend her to everyone!

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02 September 2023 23:53
Great experience and Very good organization. (VSN Nepal) team were Very friendly and all was good.

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20 August 2023 15:59
Our friends highly recommended Volunteer Society Nepal (VSN) to us when we began planning our volunteer trip in March. After extensive research and comparisons, we joined VSN’s two programs – School Teaching Program and Women Empowerment Program this summer.

Working with Umesh was incredibly smooth, and his local colleagues, like Sushil and Ramesh, provided a great deal of support. The volunteer work in Nepal was a life-changing experience! We were deeply moved by the genuine curiosity of the elementary students and the middle-aged women we encountered. Thank you, VSN!

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02 August 2023 20:58
I recommend VSN very much, especially if you go to Nepal for the first time. (VSN Nepal) team were very kind and helpful through all my stay in Kathmandu. Also I enjoyed very much nepali basic lessons with Alisha — they were very useful. I’m very grateful for this amazing experience: both for staying at first in a lovely host family and then living and teaching in the Simaltar Seto Gumba monastery. The only difficult thing for me was saying goodbye Again, thank you very very much!

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25 July 2023 6:14
This trip to Nepal was an amazing and surprising experience. (VSN Nepal) team helped me to make this trip unique and welcomed me in this amazing country.

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21 June 2023 7:05
I did a volunteer program in Kathmandu and what an incredible experience that was. Truly blessed to meet so many wonderful people during my stay here. (VSN Nepal) team made this experience unique and fun. You get the opportunity to immerse deeply into Nepalese culture, taste some delicious local food, get to connect with lovely people and of course do some hiking. Programs are well made giving you enough freedom to travel. There are many lessons to be learned here if you are willing. I highly recommend coming to Nepal

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28 May 2023 17:42
VSN was a great experience. From our arrival in Nepal we were cared for. The first few days were great, as we received some Nepali lessons and a tour of the city. This really helped settle in before we started our internship work. We were well informed throughout. We really enjoyed having the homestay, this made it feel like a really immersed experience. It was also very helpful not to worry about accommodation and having certain meals prepared.
It’s important to note that the base for this organisation is not central Kathmandu, and is more in the suburbs, so it may feel a bit far from everything, although I’d say it’s fairly easy to access the centre or other sights by bus or taxi. There’s such a variety of different volunteer / intern opportunities in Kathmandu and Pokhara, this also means you get the opportunity to meet many different people including the other volunteers.

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08 May 2023 8:46
Visiting Nepal through Volunteer Society Nepal was an amazing experience. (VSN Nepal) team were really lovely and helpful and the accommodation and food were great too! We really enjoyed our internships both in the hospital in Kathmandu and the elderly centre in Pokhara and had lots of time to do our own travelling and exploring alongside.

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02 March 2023 17:33
This was an absolutely life changing experience. Being able to immerse ourselves so deeply into the Nepalese and Buddhist culture was incredible. Very well organized and trust worthy organization. Always felt very safe and looked after.

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23 February 2023 12:47
I did a work on my thesis with this NGO and I really enjoyed it. Serious, professional and precise. Excellent clear organization characterized by excellent communication. They also arranged some really nice multi-day excursions for me during my stay.

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07 February 2023 14:12
I spent a month living at the Pokhara monastery and I can honestly say it was one of the greatest experiences of my life. There, I was able to generate connections not only with the children I worked with, but also with their culture, lifestyles and traditions. I felt most welcome, and took part in many ceremonial activities. What a wonderful and rare experience I was granted through VSN. I will be back!

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10 November 2022 17:28
This was definitely one of the best experiences of my entire life! Not only I had the possibility to feel useful helping children and local people everyday, but I also had the chance to visit such a wonderful country as Nepal. I was put in deep connection with the nepali society, by getting to know their traditions, their foods and of course their wonderful friendliness and kindness. I spent two weeks in a local family, who always made me feel like home, and the other two weeks I lived in a monastery, where I learned a lot from the little monks.
I suggest this experience to everyone, because it is important to help those who have less possibilities and you really start realising how the world is all various and different.
Thank you for everything, and I hope to come back in the future!

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10 November 2022 16:30
I volunteered with VSN for 5 weeks. Amazing experience. I have always felt I was taking care of for every movement and situation.

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27 October 2022 13:30
It’s very difficult for me describe this wonderful experience: rich of people, amazing places, cultures, smells, looks, thoughts and silences, that can fill your body of the Nepali essence.
In my 20 years I’ve never felt like this; when I left Italy, I read a lot about Nepal and Nepali people, but when I was there, everything was clear, “just listen, try everything and follow the flow”.
My experience was composed by 4 weeks, 2 of them in Kathmandu, at the Women’s center, where me and my amazing travel companion Vanessa have taught to women english and math, they were extraordinary, their words, kindness and love gave me a lot of happiness and at the same time, they taught me maybe more than i taught them.
Last 2 weeks in Nepal were in Pokhara, with 7 little, big, lovely monks. Into the monastry I found a really nice place, and I was amazed to the life of little monks, although very young, they are responsible, very smart, and mentally bigger than every child that I know.
Before to leave Nepal and comeback in Italy, at the and of the experience, I have taught a lot, neverthless I have learnt more than I taught, I’m grateful to everyone that I met.
I recommend this experience to people that want to learn and understand how interesting is the world, with his good and bad things. This travel can change people. Hope to comeback in Nepal, to learn more, and meet again everyone.

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15 October 2022 2:38
I’m so grateful for my experience in Nepal. Thanks to Volunteer Society Nepal I had the best time I could ever had.
We had nepali lesson and also a sightseeing of Kathmandu.

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09 October 2022 3:07
Thank you for the very special and beautiful experience! I had an internship at hospital in Kathmandu & volunteer at monastery in Pokhara. The work at hospital brought me improvement of my clinical skills as well as valuable experience on how the health care system works in developing countries. Being a volunteer at monastery was an amazing experience full of kindness and good heart. While going to Nepal – do not expect the style of living as in Europe or other similar countries. Rather to expect Nepal – special places and unusual challenges, beautiful mountains, and mostly, very kind people! Thank you for this experience.

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03 October 2022 10:43
Volunteer Society Nepal (VSN Nepal) is the best association in Nepal and a the perfect solution if you want to combine a trekking too!
As a volunteer, I worked for this association for 7 weeks during summer 2022, in the roles of psychologist and English teacher. In particular, I worked with the women of the women centre, based in Kathmandu, for 5 weeks, and with the monks of the Pokhara Monastery for 2 weeks.
Each part of this experience was exciting under every point of view: the professionalism of(VSN Nepal) team were appreciable, they organised for me all the transfers and they showed me the city before the beginning of this beautiful experience. Every time I asked them some information, for example about the Nepali culture, I felt welcomed and embraced. They shared with me a lot of information, and this was one of the most precious gift I received during this experience.
I suggest this association to everyone who is looking for a serious professional volunteering, but also to everyone who is only looking for a trekking experience, because they are very good also this field!
VSN is a guarantee!

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27 September 2022 17:19
I volunteered for six weeks with (VSN Nepal). The first three in Pepsicola (Kathmandu) where I was hosted by Umesh and his family, the other three in the Shree Urgen Choling Buddist Monastery in Pokhara, where I lived with the little monks, the Guru and his wife. In both places I felt welcomed and at home. It was an incredible experience, sometimes tiring, but it was definitely worth it: if you are proactive and enthusiastic, you have many possibilities to give concrete help and develop the projects you are working on. In addition, during my free time I had the opportunity to visit the cities, go paragliding and trekking. This is a different way of traveling, which opens the mind and also the heart. Thank you very much!

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25 August 2022 1:24
5 stars for Umesh! Very kind and helpful during my stay. I did both trekking and volunteering.

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24 August 2022 0:23
Volunteer Society Nepal (VSN Nepal)made my stay in Nepal the best it could have ever been. They organized Nepali lessons and a tour of Kathmandu for me and I’m so grateful for all the experiences I lived there, volunteering for them